Our target group for our events will comprise of between 5 -15 people. This small number is beneficial in that all participants are treated as a group and will prove to be more productive and impactful.

  • Setting up of tailor made ‘mini events’ for high networth individuals that are interested in various sectors where investment opportunities are evident:
    • Citizenship by Investment Scheme. The aim of these events would be for HNWI to attend a seminar whereby we would have a panel of experts that would be able to present the scheme and answer all questions the investor may have.

      This would then be followed by a couple of days whereby we would take the investors around Cyprus so that they are able to see both the properties and sights of Cyprus.

    • Business Opportunities: Showcase current business proposals within various growth sectors
  • Events will be focused on property and business alone, and there will also be events that will include a combination of property and business opportunities together.