Who We Are

The Otherwise Group has senior business people and associates with knowledge, experience and achievements spanning the Property and various other Business sectors. Our network of business advisors are established entrepreneurs themselves and together with our associates we have relevant business connections with all major players including financial institutions, banks, accounting offices, law firms, qualified and licensed real estate agents/property valuers. We all have one thing in common, and that’s the passion for making a difference.

We commit to providing you with professional, courteous, prompt and efficient service at all times from our team, associates and network. We honour all of our commitments and obligations and our commitment to excellence is evident in our hardworking team and the exceptional service we offer.

You are more than a client, you are our immediate future and the sole reason for our business continuance.

Professional. Personal. Proactive. Trust Otherwise

What We Do

Everything we do is related to property and business opportunities and our core competencies are focused around those sectors.

“We build bridges”, along with our expertise and those of our associates and network we are able to advise and provide a multitude of services.

We offer and promote opportunities to high net worth individuals, business professionals, entrepreneurs). In addition we also offer these opportunities to funds and investment companies. These may include opportunities that we have already pinpointed or opportunities that we choose based on the needs of individuals.

How we do it..

We analyze the profile of the interested party that has shown an interest in our services and thereafter we follow the process of researching, analyzing, reviewing and auditing the market so that we can provide a tailor made solution based on the individual’s requirements and needs.


At Otherwise Group we believe that Cyprus’s ideal strategic location, advanced infrastructure and high quality of life are key factors for any individual to inject any surplus funds they have in into Cyprus be it for either personal or professional reasons.

Cyprus has long established itself as a thriving business hub, with a vast array of opportunities in key growth sectors of the economy. We would like to capitalize on this aspect and provide individuals with an ideal gateway to the European Union with a focus on property and business opportunities.

As a member of the wider EU and Eurozone community, Cyprus ensures safety and stability for foreign individuals.


Strictly ethical and realistic

Our business is conducted with absolute honesty and integrity. We operate under a strict code of ethics so you can be sure that all our help and advice will be directed to what you need, nothing more.

All services are offered by qualified and licensed real estate agents, property valuers and through professionals and fully approved Offices by the Regulatory Authorities of Cyprus.